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Marton & Cambreleng

Who We Are

We are a female-led firm of two experienced litigators with a combined 30 years of experience and a passion for helping others. Our firm is an inclusive space for all people who need help. Our firm provides end-to-end coverage for every case, from our initial discussion all the way to a trial and beyond. Together, we seek a holistic solution to the issues clients want resolved.

Ashley Marton

Ashley Marton is an experienced attorney with a solid track record of advocating for individuals facing workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. She specializes in complex negotiations of separation, severance, and noncompete agreements. She is also an experienced litigator with victories in state and federal court. Ashley was named a Rising Star Super Lawyer and a Best Lawyers One to Watch from 2020-2023.  Learn more about Ashley

Rising Star Super Lawyer


Best Lawyers One to Watch


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What We Do

We represent people who want employers to follow the law. We assist with issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination, separation agreements, noncompetes, whistleblowing, retaliation, and sexual assault in the workplace. It is never our intention to use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we meet with you to find out your goals and apply the best legal method for your specific scenario. 


The relationship between employees and employers is not always fair, but we strive to ensure that it is just.

Rebecca Cambreleng is an experienced litigator with victories in both state and federal court. Throughout her almost two decades as an attorney, she leverages her expertise in multiple fields to work for her clients. She specializes in employment law, seeks justice for victims and survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and advises small business on a variety of employment-related matters. Rebecca was named Rising Star Super Lawyer from 2020-2023. Learn more about Rebecca


Rising Star Super Lawyer


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Rebecca Cambreleng

Our Areas of Expertise

Here are some—but not all—of the types of employment law issues we tackle here in Oregon: 


  • Discrimination at Work 

  • Whistleblower Retaliation

  • LGBTQIA+ Discrimination

  • Sexual Harassment and Violence

  • Severance Negotiations and Separation Agreements 

  • Non-Compete Agreements and Proprietary Information  

  • Medical and Other Protected Leave

  • Wage & Hour Violations

  • Injured Workers Retaliation and Discrimination 

  • Wrongful Termination 

  • Small Business Advice, Counseling & Litigation

How to Engage With Us

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