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Rebecca Cambreleng

Rebecca Cambreleng

In the mid 1990’s, the company that Rebecca’s father had worked over 20 years for was bought by a conglomerate made up of several large corporations. Up until this time, her father was earning a good living and had a significant pension fund that he was counting on for retirement. Within a matter of months, the new company dismantled the pension fund, attempting to steal the money that rightfully belonged to the employees, including her dad. It was lawyers who were able to step in to stop the theft of the pensions of thousands of workers.


Since that time, Rebecca has devoted her life to advocacy and justice. Whether it was advising pension funds on the best investments for their millions of employees, working with a company to make sure they treated their workers fairly and legally, or advocating for the rights of individuals in the workplace, Rebecca has spent almost two decades protecting workers. Along the way she also developed a passion for helping victims and survivors of abuse, both within and outside the workplace. Today, she works with organizations that are dedicated to helping victims and survivors of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and students victimized in educational institutions.


Rebecca serves as a Judge Pro Tempore in Washington County Circuit Court. She is involved in multiple legal organizations including co-chair of the Public Service Committee of the Multnomah Bar Association, a member of Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, with service as a lead in employment laws as part of the Legislative Review Committee, and a member of Oregon Women Lawyers, Queens Bench Chapter. Rebecca also serves in a non-legal capacity as a member of the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee for the City of Beaverton. 



Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family and loves learning about other cultures through travel.

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